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Article How to change the billing period?
If you wish to change the billing period, e.g. from monthly plan to yearly plan, please open a new support ticket.
Views: 97710
Article How to change the password for ForexVPS?
1. Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click User Accounts.2. In User Accounts, in Make changes to your user account, click Change...
Views: 89094
Article Where to find the login details for my ForexVPS ?
You will receive an email with subject "LinkUpHost ForexVPS welcome email" and login details once we receive the payment authorization notification...
Views: 87020
Article What to do if I need support?
For any support needs, please logon and open a ticket at Please include any necessary...
Views: 86919
Article Will monthly payments be made automatically or do I need to pay manually month by month?
In order to create a subscription for automatic payments you have to click on "Subscribe" for PayPal or "Create Automated Recurring Subscription"...
Views: 80573


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