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Article Can I install and run .exe files?
Yes, you can install and run .exe files on ForexVPS.
Views: 66468
Article Do I have unrestricted access to the Internet?
Yes! Our services have real IP address and full unrestricted access to the Interent.
Views: 48524
Article How can I check the amount of memory in my ForexVPS?
1. Click Start.2. Right click on Computer and select Properties. 3. The General tab shows the...
Views: 65466
Article How many MT4 instances can I run in a ForexVPS?
There is no a direct ratio between a number of terminals and a ForexVPS plan. That depends from...
Views: 56612
Article How to auto logon and start applications after Windows restart?
1. Click Start, Run, write “control userpasswords2″ and press OK.2. Select your username from the...
Views: 33578
Article How to cancel recurring billing?
PayPal automatic payment: Credit card recurring billing:
Views: 35055
Article How to change the billing period?
If you wish to change the billing period, e.g. from monthly plan to yearly plan, please open a...
Views: 97709
Article How to change the password for ForexVPS?
1. Click Start, click Control Panel, and then double-click User Accounts.2. In User Accounts, in...
Views: 89093
Article How to check the latency to a broker?
Please send us the IP address of the server of your broker, we shall test and write back to...
Views: 67213
Article How to close Remote Desktop connection to ForexVPS?
To disconnect but let applications continue to run on ForexVPS, use “Disconnect Remote Desktop...
Views: 25844
Article How to connect to ForexVPS with Remote Desktop?
1. If you have Windows 8, 8.1 or 10 on your computer:You can call up Start menu, type remote and...
Views: 59829
Article How to enable the sound on ForexVPS?
Please open a new support ticket so we shall enable the sound on server side.1. After our answer...
Views: 33727
Article How to improve the connection speed?
1. Open the Remote Desktop Client. On Windows 7, simply hit the Windows key, start typing remote...
Views: 55541
Article How to request cancellation?
You could request service cancellation anytime you like.Please request service cancellation from...
Views: 14794
Article How to restart ForexVPS?
To restart Windows use “Restart Windows” on desktop or click Start\Run. In the Run box type...
Views: 42664
Article How to transfer files between my computer and ForexVPS?
If you have Windows:In order to transfer files from your desktop or mobile computer to ForexVPS...
Views: 62183
Article How to upgrade my current service?
You can upgrade anytime you would like. Please order upgrade to your new plan from Services menu...
Views: 79508
Article How to verify the current memory and CPU usage?
Open Task Manager by clicking Start\Run.In the Run box type "taskmgr", then click OK.Click on...
Views: 43682
Article I cannot connect to my ForexVPS.
The reason for access problem can be at many points between your home location and ForexVPS. For...
Views: 30865
Article Is my account Windows administrator?
Yes, your account is full Windows administrator without any limitations.
Views: 67363
Article May I run torrents, mass email, file sharing software, game servers, etc?
You may not operate any file sharing, mass mail or IRC (Internet Relay Chat) software in any...
Views: 25839
Article What are the FOREX market hours of operation?
Please check this site for Forex Time Zone Converter:...
Views: 25619
Article What to do if I need support?
For any support needs, please logon and open a ticket at...
Views: 86918
Article What virtualization technology you are using?
We are using ESXi hypervisor by VMware.
Views: 24711
Article Where to find the login details for my ForexVPS ?
You will receive an email with subject "LinkUpHost ForexVPS welcome email" and login details once...
Views: 87019
Article Will monthly payments be made automatically or do I need to pay manually month by month?
In order to create a subscription for automatic payments you have to click on "Subscribe" for...
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