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Article Activate affiliate account
Get paid for referring customers to us.We pay commissions for every signup that comes via your...
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Article Do I have unrestricted access to the Internet?
Yes! Our services have real IP address and full unrestricted access to the Interent.
Views: 48524
Article Do you oversell?
No. Unlike many other providers, all of our cloud servers have dedicated CPU cores, RAM, storage...
Views: 24319
Article Do you resell services from other providers?
We are never ever reselling services from other providers.
Views: 18249
Article How to cancel recurring billing?
PayPal automatic payment: Credit card recurring billing:
Views: 35055
Article How to change the billing period?
If you wish to change the billing period, e.g. from monthly plan to yearly plan, please open a...
Views: 97710
Article May I run torrents, mass email, file sharing software, game servers, etc?
You may not operate any file sharing, mass mail or IRC (Internet Relay Chat) software in any...
Views: 25839
Article What forms of payments do you accept?
We accept direct payments with credit cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express via 2CheckOut as...
Views: 14088
Article What to do if I need support?
For any support needs, please logon and open a ticket at...
Views: 86918
Article What virtualization technology you are using?
We are using ESXi hypervisor by VMware.
Views: 24711
Article Will monthly payments be made automatically or do I need to pay manually month by month?
In order to create a subscription for automatic payments you have to click on "Subscribe" for...
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