LinkUpHost Affiliate Program

1. Register As Affiliate. Get the referral link and start earning today!

2. Start Referral People.
Add the referral link to your web site and send it out to all customers.

3. Get Paid.
Request your commision and receive it the same business day!.

Terms of Affiliate Program:
- Recurring commissions!
- Affiliate earning percentage 10% (the percentage of each payment affiliates will receive).
- We pay commissions for every signup that comes via your custom signup link.
- We track the visitors you refer to us using cookies, so users you refer don't have to purchase
instantly for you to receive your commission. Cookies last for 3 months following the initial visit.
- Affiliate payout amount 50 USD (the minimum amount affiliates have to reach before making a withdrawal).
- Affiliate commission delay 60 days (the number of days to delay commission payments
and then only pays if account is still active and there is no a refund request).
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